Rose Gold Engagement Ring Styles for Different Tastes

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Styles

While rose gold has emerged as a modern trend, the pink precious metal is a classic one in terms of jewelry. Rose gold engagement rings are unquestionably romantic whether you are big on an antique, timeless or fashion-forward piece. Traditional diamond cuts such as round, princess, and emerald, symbolic settings, and sleek solitaire diamonds, all features in rose gold rings. If you want a rose gold twist on a yellow gold ring, like the one on Meghan Markle’s finger, then go for the three stone setting. The only thing different between your lady love and the Dutchess of Cambridge’s ring will be the difference in the color of gold.

If white metals or yellow gold does not fully appeal to you, then a rose gold ring is a modern alternative. A truly flattering color for every skin tone, the rose metal can have various shades, from rosy-pink to barely pale red, which will differ depending on whether your ring features 14 karat or 18 karat gold.

White diamonds are also a stunning match for rose gold ring settings, but gray, cognac and rustic or raw diamonds are also lovely when set in rose gold. For a trendier and bolder contrast, consider an engagement ring featuring enamel in its design as a polished metal band or a modern halo set around the centerpiece gemstone.

For a very romantic rose gold piece, an antique setting with floral or filigree design will feel particularly sweet and feminine. If your jewelry taste skews towards modern, then a rose gold ring with a single stone or two gems will look striking whether you choose an oval, cushion, an angular Asscher shape, or a bezel diamond setting for an extremely clean finish. To get a piece with a fashion-forward twist, look for a contemporary rose gold engagement ring design, like an east-west setting, a double band, or a unique gemstone shape such as a hexagon, trillion triangular or shield. For a bit more pizzazz, be sure to choose a baguette or a pave diamond band – both ring styles shimmer extremely brightly when they are set in rose gold.

Besides, rose gold’s warm color hue complements practically all skin tones, as it makes the blush tone of the wearer’s skin apparent. In addition to white diamonds, you can also find rose gold pieces with Art Deco-inspired settings featuring other colored gemstones.

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