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Rose gold is a metal widely used in the jewelry pieces today. It is easy to recognize a rose gold wedding ring or engagement ring. Both men and women love it since it gives a luxurious look and a soft glow to the person’s skin.

Rose gold emerald cut engagement rings have become so famous due to their stunning look and visual appeal.

History of Rose Gold

It might be surprising to some, to know that the rose gold, which is popularly used now, has a history behind it. Though it is not known for sure about the first use of rose gold, it is believed that it first appeared in Russia, in the early part of the 19th century. Peter Carl Faberge mixed copper and yellow gold to form a new alloy called Russian Gold. He used the alloy in various jewelry, and then it became popular and started to be used around the world.

Making of Rose Gold

Rose gold is formed by mixing copper, yellow gold, and some other metals to make it harder. Normal gold is light and is prone to get scratches, blemishes, and dents. However, regular cleaning and polishing works can help maintain the stunning look of a rose gold jewelry piece.

The color of the gold will depend on the amount of copper that is used to make the alloy. Copper is naturally darker and when used in the alloy, gives a dark hue to the alloy. The pink or red shade of the alloy will be darker if the presence of copper is more. For this reason, usually, jewelers mix a little amount of silver in the alloy to reduce the dark hue of the alloy.

Popularity of Rose Gold

The present hype that rose gold has received is largely due to its usage on the Apple products. The products of the Apple Company, especially the Apple watch, appeared with rose gold coating and it was much loved by people. This gave rise to more number of people searching for rose gold jewelry. However, rose gold is an excellent material even before this recognition it received. They are considered fashionable and easy-going with any style. It also depicts a sense of luxury and comfort.

If you are planning to choose a rose gold jewelry, make sure that you buy it from a trusted source because if it is not a quality product, it may be destroyed easily because of its delicate nature.

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