What Does the Term ‘Loose Diamond’ Refer To?

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are excavated from the earth. There are many diamond mines or mining facilities around the globe. The mined stone that comes in the rough form will have all the naturally-occurring flaws and features. After that, it will be cut and polished, which are done to improve the features of the stone.

Machines expertly cut raw diamonds for the finest sparkle, facets and color. After this is performed, the diamonds are polished in an exactly right way, and then these are ready for use in jewelry. The ones that are not set in jewelry are known as loose diamonds.

Both retailers and wholesalers sell expensive and affordable loose diamonds globally. There are loose diamonds out there in all different qualities and carat weights. So when you shop for one, you can find it in every preference and budget.

You can find the gemstones in the traditional white color and fancy colors such as yellow, pink, red and blue. The last two colors are rarer, more valuable than the others. Customers tend to purchase loose diamonds to have these put in custom engagement rings/other custom jewelry or as an investment.

Why Should You Purchase Loose Diamonds?

It is a good decision to purchase an unmounted diamond for a number of different reasons. Diamonds are unique, and you can sell these faster than some other products. This is why you should buy such a diamond when you have to invest in something valuable. After it is sold, you can find a similar product.

The loose gemstones may be more fairly priced compared to a preset piece of jewelry. There will be transparency regarding the grade and quality of the gemstone and hence, a more significant need for jewelers to competitively price their product. This allows you to obtain the best price possible for the diamond.

Besides, after diamonds are put in jewelry settings, discerning their quality can be tricky. When you look at unmounted or unset diamonds, it could just be slightly easier to judge their cut, clarity and color. Finally, buying a diamond in loose form gives you the flexibility you need. When you are not aware of the form of jewelry in which you want to have the gemstone set, you would be able to save the stone for later. This way, you can visit different shops, browse through many options and set it in precisely what you want.

Only the features and perhaps market factors impact the value of loose diamonds. For an uninitiated, in this context, market factors are the external things that affect the price of, or the demand for, unmounted diamonds. Because of the abovementioned things, loose diamonds are a better investment option than those stones set in jewelry. Still do not see the bigger picture? These diamonds have nothing holding it in place to negatively affect their value, but a jewelry piece may have such an element.

Where to Purchase Loose Diamonds

You can usually purchase these gemstones from various e-commerce retailers and in brick and mortar stores. There are advantages to buying them in either place. Diamonds bought in stores can be viewed in person. You can touch and feel the product before purchase, so you will have a better ‘preview’ of it than in the case of an online buy.

However, be wary when buying diamonds from a physical store. Jewelers can increase the price of diamonds by even 30% in order to cover the overheads/costs associated with running their stores. They may have a limited jewelry selection for you to compare and contrast against each other.

Shopping online, on the other hand, will provide you with a wide range of diamonds to pick from. Several online jewelers have good relationships with wholesalers, and they may be capable of passing on the savings to you the customer.

Shopping for diamonds online takes some amount of research, but almost every retailer is happy to exchange all the details you need and magnified video and photos. These elements will help you to see the diamond’s characteristics clearly before the purchase. When buying online, keep in mind to only find a certified diamond. This will confirm that the stone has every characteristic which the jeweler claims or advertises.

GIA certified diamonds are usually the best option because the Gemological Institute of America has laboratories with the most stringent standards. Several GIA certified stones have microscopic inscriptions on their girdle, which makes these easily identifiable with 50x magnifying equipment. Learn more things regarding diamond certification to make a better, more informed purchase decision. Overall, no matter where you choose to buy, confirm that that jeweler is trustable and has a product return policy. This way, you will be able to return the item for an eligible refund or exchange just in case you are unsatisfied with the stone.

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