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A solitaire ring is one which has only a single stone in the setting. The setting is commonly associated with the diamond rings. Note that these apply to any gemstone. Below is a discussion on the solitaire setting and the question of when the setting stops being a solitaire.

The Solitaire Setting

Solitaire rings have stayed in the popular market since their introduction. In Ancient days, diamonds were widely loved when it was placed on gold bands. These usually contained just one stone. The diamond will be at the center and receive all the attention. The next important thing that people look for is the diamond shape. The most popular shape is the round brilliant diamonds. This is an expertly cut diamond which is made to accentuate the beauty of the diamond. Its multifaceted design is cut in such a way that it gives off maximum brilliance. This is considered the best of all solitaire choices due to the performance in light. The light exits through its top ensuring a stunning glow. Other popular shapes include the pear, princess, radiant, and cushion cut diamonds.

After the cheap certified diamonds are selected, the next important attribute is the setting style. There are aesthetic and safety concerns involved in this selection. Some of the most popular choices include the cathedral, tension, bezel, and prong. Prong setting involves a certain number of prongs holding the diamond up to display it in all its brilliance.

When Does A Setting Stop Being A Solitaire?

As mentioned earlier, the solitaire setting is one that has a single stone. However, there are cases when we see rings labeled as solitaire has other stones on them.

Traditionally, a solitaire ring is characterized by a single stone set in a band. With the passage of time, it has started to be widely accepted that the solitaire design only implies to the setting and not the whole design. For instance, you may own a solitaire ring with a single center diamond but it may also have other stones over the shoulders or on the band.

According to the classic definition, there is a test to see if the ring is a real solitaire. You can put the main setting through a hole and observe the diamond. If you are not able to see anything apart from a single diamond, it is a solitaire. If you find loose diamonds other than a single diamond, it is not a solitaire regardless of the other features.

The solitaire diamond is a popular ring design that has been available since the ancient days. The brief set of information regarding them is essential to help you buy the right ring.

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